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ACA (Assistance to the Contracting Agency)

General mission

The activity of POS consists of ensuring, in the name and on behalf of the project owner, that the objectives set within the framework of a construction/renovation project are reached and achieved by the various agents, in accordance with the specifications established beforehand.

It's main mission

It’s main mission is to advise the project owner. Specifically, it must prepare the client’s decision making and help him with the entire problem, by putting the ins and outs in perspective during the study phase or the execution phase.

The increasing complexity of construction/renovation operations, particularly in relation to the evolution of technologies, the regulatory and legal context, budgetary/ecological/ethical constraints as well as new contractual practices, leads the client to have more and more recourse to external and multiple services, with a view to facilitating his task. Calling on our services is one of them.

Study phase

As a work manager, we assist and advise the client in building/renovation projects.

The missions are varied and can go from the realization of plans, to technical advice, administrative procedures, research of companies/contractors, follow-up and organization of the building site, to its  planning. NRO-Groupe can suggest and work on the basis of site planning methods and can extend its role to the overall management of the operation if it’s within our scope.

The ability of the POS to understand the technical issues of the operation allows it to play an essential interface role between the project manager and the contracting authority that it advises. He assists the contracting authority on the decisions to be taken according to the proposals made by the project manager. It facilitates exchanges, anticipates possible risks/dangers/disputes in an attempt to prevent and avoid them.

The POS has the technical skills that allow it to understand the issues related to the construction of the works. Its solid experience brings added value to the contracting authority, in particular by setting up a permanent watch for technological and regulatory developments in the construction/renovation profession.

To preserve this central place, guaranteeing him the height of view essential to the exercise of his prerogatives, the client will seek to surround himself with specific skills for the conduct of the operation: technical, administrative, financial or management of project.

The content of the assistance missions can therefore be more or less extensive: the organisation and management of the site, the determination of the execution process, the designation and choice of intellectual service providers, the financial, administrative and legal arrangements, etc. In this respect, the POS is likely to intervene from time to time on technical or administrative issues (Technical POS, Administrative POS).

To this end, NRO-Groupe offers 2 POS services :

– Technical POS :
The technical consultant is involved from the feasibility studies onwards. Depending on his field of intervention, he participates not only in geotechnical or acoustic studies, but also in the fields of the environment, ergonomics, sustainable development, accessibility, etc. He thus supports the project owner’s technical knowledge of his files and allows him to have a second look at the project manager’s performance. The POS consultant is mainly involved in the upstream phases of the project (more specifically, the feasibility and programming of the works).

– Administrative POS :
The administrative aspect is complex and leads the project owner to use the services of an administrative consultant. His ability to intervene during the setting up of the operation and, more specifically, during the determination of the process for carrying out/executing the work or the drawing up of technical specifications for intellectual service providers, is a relief. His technical knowledge enables him to link the operational aspects that he synthesises with legal rigour and efficiency.

Execution phase

In addition to the tasks delegated to him in the study phase, the POS also stands out in the execution phase of the work. It provides pragmatic and synthetic information to the client.

In this capacity, it checks that the client’s needs are taken into consideration,
It ensures that the site is made safe,
It launches service orders and orders;
It regularly produces reports on the situation and periodically notifies the various performance indicators of the project.
It manages the general financial aspect of the project.

Overall, the POS ensures that the technical, architectural, design, quality, financial and planning objectives are met.

This service is aimed at general contractors, construction companies, investors, architects and engineers in Switzerland and most countries of the world. Our experts are at your disposal for any request. We aim to help you and to be present on site as much as necessary.

As an extension to the position of POS, it is possible to use our services as a Project Owner’s Representative (POR). The potential clients who may need our services are the same as those who call on us as a project manager, with various assignments.

The POR is the contact person for institutional owners and also for clients. He is responsible for controlling, monitoring costs, deadlines and quality. He is the key person in the management of construction projects. He participates in the control and verification of tenders, the organisation of calls for tenders, the steering and coordination of contractors during the project development phase. He analyses and negotiates contracts with contractors and general contractors, identifies and quantifies the economic potential of the project by suggesting optimisations and technical variants.