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The square and compass define us.

Our team

A blend of straightforwardness and flexibility, determination and patience, learning and challenge.
We’re complementary and passionate at NRO Groupe.

Nathanaël ROSSI

NRO Groupe

After 20 years with a major group in Switzerland, Nathanaël founded NRO Groupe SA in 2019. Driven by innovation and strong values, he is building an expert, multi-skilled team focused on people and quality in the construction sector.

Alexandre DIAZ

Construction manager -
Methods manager

Alexandre, with his international experience
international experience, excels in managing complex and demanding projects. His expertise in analysis and optimization, as well as his commitment to uniting and transmitting, make him a rare asset in the construction industry.


Renovation Manager -
OAM Manager

A man of challenges, Lionel excels in rehabilitation and construction thanks to his technical and managerial skills. His responsiveness, sense of common interest, and expertise in administrative and logistical follow-up reinforce his analytical and team management skills.

Our ethical charter

At NRO Groupe SA, our Code of Ethics is fundamental to all our employees and partners.

It embodies key values:


We are committed to maintaining the highest standards of professionalism and responsibility.