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Method services

Our role : to simplify the process & optimise

The method services revolve around multiple complex facets. Our ambition is to achieve optimisation objectives in the construction management. Production efficiency is the central focus. Construction costs, worker safety, quality level and of course customer satisfaction add spice to the equation.

When does NRO-Groupe intervene ?

– In the price study stage :

to effectively budget the project and organise it in the best possible way. To do this, the establishment of a site installation plan, phasing plans, 3D/4D modelling, BiM plans, and above all, adequate planning for the proper execution of the work.

What is the most important phase ?
Study the feasibility of the construction project. This is the starting point and purpose of the phasing plan. What are the project phases? NRO-Groupe must identify them and maintain the balance between quality, costs and deadlines.

Secondly, the transitional organisation and evolution of each detail must be highlighted. This is an integrated element that can be integrated by the BiM (4D plans).

Site Installation Plan (S.I.P.), an approved technique :
The S.I.P gathers all the information relating to the development and the implementation of the site. It is an essential element in the preparation of the site and the smooth running of the work.
It is essential for optimising productivity. The guarantee for the safety of the participants, a signposting adapted to the good progress of the operations, planning, sections of the building site, … its functions are multiple. NRO-Groupe has an in-house unit capable of producing P.I.C.
This mapping is a considerable advantage for your projects and has become a standard for NRO-Groupe over time, as soon as we talk about construction.

NRO-Group makes use of its experience. Our role as a construction conductor sets the pace in the planning process. Meeting deadlines in construction is the most breathtaking challenge. Reducing the “time envelope” and getting the project done earlier when possible.

A comprehensive analysis of the various fields of application then allows us to establish the customer’s technical requirements and to move forward to meet them.

– During the site preparation stage :

to establish the missions of each person on the site, and to define a guideline.

How do we go about it ?

Adjust key parameters (specific, operational) and maintain the course to stay in line with the customer’s wishes while maintaining the required quality level.
Adapting one’s speech and carrying out the final assessment of the site preparation, handing in a clean final copy, sounds like the final translation of a job well done. The NRO-Group analysis comes as feedback for the construction/renovation of the work. When it comes to drawing up the balance sheet, this is an important phase for the client’s understanding, an essential moment.

The right method?  NRO-Groupe adapts to each contact person/project and provides the necessary elements to reassure them of the proper management of human and material resources. More often than not, it is the people issues that are encountered on the site.

Constant evolution

This organisational revolution also allows us to optimise the industrial aspect. Indeed, production techniques are evolving and require us to adapt constantly (particularly in the production processes and the technical means enabling us to improve them). The ecological aspect already has its card to play in this sector. It is certain that the arrival of new technologies will probably shake up conservative organisations.

A calibrated offer

Many construction companies, general contractors, architects and engineers call on our methodological services to develop a clear vision of the project and to increase efficiency. We work together with them, with the aim of successfully completing the building.


The metholodological service is particularly important to us. It represents an innovative approach that relieves the company in charge of the project, and offers a fresh eye, support and relief.

The reasons

Given the lack of experience and competence in the construction/renovation industry (particularly due to the youth of the construction managers and site supervisors), this value proposition orchestrated by NRO-Groupe will increase customer satisfaction. Increasing efficiency, and reducing delays and costs, the companies using this service will be more and more numerous in the future.

Our added value

Between coherence, logic, and the desire to respect people during the worksite, NRO-Groupe offers expertise recognised on the Swiss construction/renovation market, through its “service methods” service. A complete service offer that can be articulated in multiple ways according to the objectives of each.

To sum up

The methodological service seen “by NRO-Groupe” proposes to master the constraints of the organisation of the site, by providing adequate technical and operational advice. This system offers better lead times and shortens deadlines (resulting in substantial financial savings).

NRO-Groupe offers this optimisation and execution anticipation service throughout Switzerland and in most countries of the world and looks forward to studying your future project. A service designed to accompany architects, engineers, investors, investment funds, general/total companies.