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Work Management

NRO-Groupe assists the project management with these procedures during the execution phase and  particularly during the following phases :

Monitoring building / renovation operations :
NRO-Groupe designates the objectives of the supervisors of the work with a view to ensure that the client receives a delivery that respects costs, quality, and deadlines.

This stage is based on monitoring the availability of resources in relation to :

– Budgeting
– Teams allocation
– Equipment investments

As part of the work management support, NRO-Groupe is able to monitor the work, intervene if necessary in support of the work managers for the supervision of the execution, manage them (in the same way as the team leaders), and guarantee the correct application of the contracts and amendments linked to the work to the participants.

Our knowledge of the construction industry allows us to coordinate contractors and other trades. We strive to ensure a good relationship between clients and contractors/suppliers.

Accordingly, we endeavor to monitor activity and performance indicators of the projects related to budgetary control, resource management, and compliance with deadlines. We undertake to provide regular reports on the work progress and compliance with budgets and deadlines, and we ensure that targets are met.

Additionally, we ensure that standards (contractual or regulatory) are applied, particularly in terms of quality, safety, hygiene, and environmental impact, and in particular that they are successfully integrated into the work progress. This sometimes leads us to resolve malfunctions or even contractual disputes. We ensure the acceptance of the works after the control phase by the works managers.

We are happy to participate in the choice of investments (price studies, purchase of large equipment and materials), and then select suppliers/service providers. We can represent the company to the client.

In its capacity as a construction manager, NRO-Groupe acts as a project manager and planner, ensuring that costs and deadlines are met and focusing on customer relationships.

NRO-Groupe relies on its expertise and general knowledge of the economics of construction sites, with a final objective shared with the project management: to deliver the site on time and to the quality specified in the specifications.