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Preparing, organising and managing construction sites
Building & Renovation

Our services : Building / Renovation

Simply the LEADER of your construction / renovation projects

Study phase

Its importance is governed by the client requirements and ambitions. It's about making strategic decisions and converting them into precise specifications for your construction/renovation project. NRO-Groupe will assist you step by step in this process. Considering the execution phase, it is essential to define the inputs and outputs of the project in order to establish the feasibility of the project and the conditions under which it becomes viable.

Expertise professionnelle

(Client Representative Support Assistant) The leader of your construction/ renovation project

The link between the design
and completion of your

Execution phase

This is the study phase completion, the project delivery. The management supervises and ensures the work is carried out according with the rules initially laid down. This stage includes, among other things, precise organization and planning of the project, time management, human resource management, risk management, good communication between service providers, method department, quality inspection, optimization. NRO-Groupe will help you to coordinate this mission within the given time frame.

Expertise professionnelle

(Client Representative Support Assistant) Simply the leader of your construction/ renovation project

NRO-Groupe designates the tasks of the works supervisors to ensure that the project delivery complies with the deadline’s costs and quality initially foreseen.