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NRO-Groupe has the desire to convey and share its achievements and
help others move forward through a personalized training.

Our services

Training can be a wide and complex topic

NRO-Groupe aims to work with schools, training centres, universities and companies in order to integrate into their initial training, teaching personal and professional development, helping in this way the new generations to understand the future in a serene and positive way.

A company that implements training courses takes a step forward to increase its productivity, efficiency, thereby improve turnover, creates synergies with its employees and help them grow. Mixing the personal and professional development to reach the highest spheres of success.

The training provided by NRO-Groupe is a combination of these elements. But how can this be beneficial to the training participants and how is it accredited?

Personal development – career, education & personal life

Excelling in all areas is the principle of the personal development process.

Self-improvement quest continues, the awareness of the desire to progress in all areas is also growing. As life progress, the environment changes, responsibilities evolve, we face new obstacles, new challenges.

How to defuse them? NRO-Groupe offers personal development programs consisting in several modules that can be adapted to different circumstances and different moments in life.

Personal development is defined as an ongoing process of self-improvement, whether in your career, in your education, or in your personal life. It is a question of setting objectives and putting in place plans to achieve them, NRO-Groupe helps you to:

    • – Get out of your comfort zone :
      Evaluate your weaknesses, fears, vulnerabilities and turn them into opportunities. Getting out of your comfort zone isn’t easy, but it’s probably the best way to take a new step in your personal and professional life. Facing your fears is the beginning of awareness. Stepping out of your comfort zone is one of the few options to learn new things, and it’s essential to move forward in your carrier. It is also a strong sign of initiative.
    • – Develop your own strengths :
       Thrive by using your strengths. We are always looking for new skills/abilities, … and we forget – to use what we have at hand, our own strengths – to take advantage of tools that we know and can be instantly useful to develop / enhance our potential.
    • – Improving self-confidence :
      Probably the best ally. Feeling good about yourself conditions many things and puts you in the right state of mind to face new challenges. Often it takes a little time to regain the confidence needed to move significantly forward in your projects. Instead, the lack of self-confidence is a terrible obstacle to personal or professional development. Improving your self-confidence will allow you to perform better in all situations, professionally or personally.

    • – Keep a positive attitude when facing obstacles :
      It is essential to know how to reprogram yourself and not to let yourself be carried away by the negative thoughts that pollutes you. You expect success, not failure, and you will attract what you think. Life is the way you do it, it’s up to you to find the right path. A positive attitude leads to happiness and success. It can change your life. If you think positively your life is filled with positivity. This also targets those around you and the environment. The positive attitude can become contagious as well as the negative attitude – it’s up to you to choose. See difficulties as challenges, believe in yourself, be grateful and choose your friends carefully.

    • – Improve your leadership :
      Management and leadership are not innate skills. NRO-Groupe offers to help you acquire them. Practice active listening, have an open mind, recognize others talent, value them, respect them, motivate your team members, encourage them, challenge them, give them a clear vision of objectives, give meaning to their work, show rigor and discipline, …this are the first steps towards solutions. In addition to this, keeping your word and respecting deadlines will conduct you to a beautiful leadership improvement. Empower others, make them dream, by our actions and words, motivate them to learn, make them follow and become an inspiring leader.

    • – Improve your self-awareness :
      Define your emotional awareness and make an accurate self-assessment of your self-confidence. It’s about knowing your emotions, and your strengths and weaknesses. Self-knowledge is knowing how to identify yourself with these elements. Personal development is closely related to this. Observe the situation, identify the values that are important to you and then decide which path to follow to keep improving.
    • – Achieve constructive methods:
    • Maximize your potential, define the objectives you want to achieve, gain efficiency and so on. It is essential to measure and quantify your progress. NRO-Groupe aims to establish a concrete action plan that will support and help you to make the right decisions and use the right methods that suits you.

Professional development – specific to each person according to the course of their life 

Professional development has its own particularities. Provides you with the right tools to build the career you deserve, the one you want, develops new skills and helps achieving optimal fulfilment. It contributes to the progress of motivation and commitment and is therefore directly linked to personal development. (Detailed above)

How to link personal and professional development, why is it important?

The goal of the personal and professional development training offered by NRO-Groupe is to understand better and build more productive relationships in the professional and personal environment, to optimize professional relationships using the necessary tools.

Is a great opportunity to get to know yourself better, to cherish your potential, to acquire the ability to make choices, to win serenity, to take responsibility, … Personal development at work is closely related to your professional development plan, and these can certainly be seen as two complementary aspects.

Meeting your personal needs will have a positive impact on your mental health, well-being and happiness, your career development being directly correlated. Achieving small goals and regaining control can be a powerful motivation to get people back on personal and professional development track.

What is the missing piece of your puzzle?

NRO-Groupe helps people achieve their goals, become more serene in difficult situations, change careers, increase their performance, become a better version of themselves, and positions itself as a blender of well-being and performance.

Our ongoing challenge – To help you rise, to progress, to get the ever closer to excellence.

Our training is addressed to all people who want to work together on personal and professional development aspects, in groups, in institutions, in companies, in schools or students.