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OUR SERVICES/ Coaching Managers

Create opportunities for managers and business leaders to gain balance, serenity and acquire
what they haven’t acquired during their academic career.

Our services: Coaching Managers

Training & development for managers & company directors

Today’s management is approaching more and more to the relationship coaching. The accumulation of tasks and the demanding and stressful daily routine challenge managers to exigent analyse all the data of the equation. In most of the cases managers learn while practicing and often they find themselves confronting human relations related issues but are not trained to deal with it.

How can we ask the right questions?

In order to manage other's emotions to help them to overcome crises, ego and self-esteem issues, managers must know how to control their own emotions. They must be aware of their strengths and weaknesses. Is not always easy to remain objective when facing specific scenarios.

Each profile is unique through its experience, through its past, through its aspirations and so on. It is essential to provide personalized support to each person in part. The resources offered internally most of the time do not offer innovative solutions are limited and often irrelevant.

Are managers ready to face this? Can they avoid tension? Do they know how to manage employees’ emotions and frustrations?

That is why we designed a personalized support, focused on human as a key element.

The purpose of NRO-Groupe training is to highlight and develop the strengths and abilities of each manager, so he can lead his teams to success and put into practice the appropriate type of management. This requires defining the right work-life balance by placing benevolence and respect at the centre of our concerns.